About us

Repairguy (del-tec service)  are located in the town of Bridport in beautiful West Dorset and close to the Jurrasic coast. dts was created in 2014. Since then they have established a solid reputation as an electronic repair company specialising in the repair of Rover Meters for the Aerial and Satellite trade. in the south west of England.

dts have worked closely with ROVER for many years, and with ROVER providing the equipment and TTS providing the UK service, ROVER are now one of the largest suppliers of Television,Satellite and Cable signal measuring equipment in the UK.

Clients include BSKYB, AVC, Sierra com, Campbell and Kennedy, Carillion, Avonline just to name a few major companies. In addition there many independent TV aerial and satellite installers using ROVER equipment.

Our aim is to provide you the customer with  the best possible service to enable you to have years of reliable productive use out of your instrument.