Plan/Flash Fault

Rover meter Master STC or Skymaster2 Plan or Flash fault.

If this fault is displayed on screen and there are no satellite or terrestrial  (or partial) plans stored on the meter, then chances are that the meter is beyond economic repair.

Beyond economic repair because it needs to be sent back to Rover In Italy for repair and re-calibration.

This is an expensive route to take considering the age of the Skymaster2 , master STC series of meters.

There is a chance however that following the procedure below may help:

You may need to try this procedure more than once. If it doesn’t work the first time then try it once more.

1) Download the Smart Software from the Rover website

2) Download 2 files. The mem and the rvr file from the Rover website for your meter. (rvr is the firmware file and the mem file is the sat/DTV plans)

3) update the Fw file first (rvr)

4) Update the mem file, and if it fails, try again after first turning on/ off and resetting.  (Skymaster2 –  hold down on button for 10 Seconds.  Master STC hold down on button for 10 seconds. Some meters hold down on and plan button or on and meaqure for 10 seconds, if  remember correctly)

Most times the FW file will update fine, it is the mem file which is the problem. Verification errors are common

These meters have to be robust, and they are, but you can’t ‘seal’ them completely.  Like all equipment used outdoors they suffer from water, dust, impact, etc. In my experience impact/shock damage is the biggest cause of this problem.

Anyway,  if it sent back to Italy it will be  probably be re-flashed with a new chip and a full service and update carried out.
If you would like it sent to Italy then let me know and i will get you a best price.